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Minimally Invasive surgery: less pain, more rapid recovery.

Traditional “open” surgery requires incisions long and deep enough to allow the surgeon full access to the problem area. The larger and deeper these surgical incisions are, the longer and more painful it is for patient recovery. Minimally invasive surgery involves small punctures or incisions (often 2 inches or less) to insert a tiny lens/scope which displays the patient’s interior on a video monitor. Special surgical instruments are then inserted in the small opening to perform the procedure. Dr. Granatir employs minimally invasive surgery techniques whenever advisable. These enable successful results with patients experiencing less trauma and far faster recoveries particularly with knee, hip, shoulder and wrist injuries.

Examples are:

1. Minimally invasive Total Hip Replacement;

2. Arthroscopic and mini open rotator cuff complete repairs with minimal incision;

3. Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament and meniscus (cartilage) repairs of the knee microscopically;

4. Percutaneous fixation of wrist fractures (scaphoid) to yield scarless repairs depending on the injury.

Dr. Granatir is a trained and certified 
Orthopedic Surgeon in the use of less invasive 
surgeries, for remarkably rapid recovery.





“Dr. Granatir is a highly respected professional in his field, not only as an outstanding orthopedic surgeon but as a kind, compassionate physician. He gives patients an opportunity to be part of the decision-making process in their care.
He is especially compassionate when dealing with children. He is a remarkable physician.”

Andres F. Leger, RT, AART, CT, MR, Chief Radiology Technician

“If anybody ever had major surgery like I had, they’re in good hands with Dr. Charles Granatir. His expertise, bedside manners, office staff…they are all so wonderful. I could just write a book!”
Betty Carter

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