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Persevering for positive outcomes.

Central to our practice is the attitude of "perseverance". In most cases, orthopedic
diagnosis is readily apparent - as is appropriate treatment. In cases where it is not, we resolve
to find or create the optimum possible treatment/ solution for every patient's medical need.

Specific examples of how this tenacious quest
has helped patients, some of whom had almost
given up on their situation, are described in the
following pages.

You have two concerns:
the medical problem and your worry about it.
We attend to both.

Whether an injury or a disease, there are always the accompanying fears..."Is this treatable, is the damage permanent?"

We provide each and every patient with treatment for the physical, and respect for the worry. We explain our diagnosis and treatments with accuracy, understanding, and full consideration. Dr. Granatir, as an athlete*, has suffered injuries and been "on the other side of the scalpel". He has experienced a patient's pain and worry that accompany a medical problem.

* Dr. Granatir participates in running, triathlons, mountain and road biking, rollerblading, skiing, swimming, windsurfing, sailing, tennis, golf and weight training. He feels that being a "jock" makes him a better orthopedic "doc".

Comprehensive Orthopedic Medical Care:

Excellence from routine visits to emergency surgery.

Few people want surgery, even when they need it. We understand this and recommend surgery only when it is medically and clearly necessary. There is an abundance of accidents, sports injuries, and diseases that require surgery without our practice adding more. This said, should you or a family member require an orthopedic surgeon, know that we have extensive and successful experience, including:

Arthroscopy of knee, shoulder & other major joints
Diagnostic orthopedics
General orthopedic care
Disorders of bones and joints
Fracture care
Sports medicine
Total Joint replacements of hip and knee
Bone and joint surgery
Injuries to the spine and spinal surgery
Arthritis care
Knee, elbow ligament reconstruction

Be assured, you will never be subjected to any unnecessary tests or procedures, nor placed at risk.




"I'm just lucky I found you.
Thanks a million!"

Tony Meola
Major League Soccer Goalkeeper
2-time World Cup veteran

“If anybody ever had major surgery like I had, they’re in good hands with Dr. Charles Granatir. His expertise, bedside manners, office staff…they are all so wonderful. I could just write a book!”
Betty Carter



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